Nebraska Mink 2023 Rego Transfer Page

If you are here you have either sold or bought a rego.

The transfer of payment is 100% between the 2 individuals involved in this transaction and will not be managed by Nebraska miNk Mis-Management.

The buyer is purchasing whatever "ticket" the seller had. (aka specific cabin, or tenting only) the buyer cannot change the "ticket".

Nebraska is not going to do a wait list for rego's if you are selling a rego post it on facebook, or wherever. If you wish, you can let Nebraska Mis-management know you are selling a rego and we can also post the info on the miNk Facebook Page.

To transfer a rego is a 2 part process:

Step 1 - The buyer must fill out the buyer form so we get all the info we need for them.

Step 2 - The seller must fill out the seller form to confirm they are transferring their rego to the seller. Once the seller fills out this form the transaction is complete. NO FUCKING TAKE BACKSIES.....

If you have any questions regarding your rego transfer, please email us at

Rego Seller Form
  • Click here If you are selling your rego.

  • Once you (the seller) fill out this form, the rego is transferred and no longer yours.

Rego Buyer Form

Click here if you have purchased a rego.

You MUST FILL OUT THIS FORM in order to claim the rego you purchased. 

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