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Nebraska Mink Rego Transfer Page

This is the only place you can transfer Rego's

If life has happened and you find that you are unable to attend Nebraska Mink its ok.

WIth selling your rego, please ensure that the person buying your rego knows that they will have the same "Ticket" as you had.

If you had a Tenting "ticket" that's what they get, if you had a specific Cabin, that's what they get,

If you are selling a Cabin "ticket", the buyer may choose to tent if they want to, but they have a bed reserved in the Cabin of the "ticket" you sold them.

The Buyer will have an option to set their Meal Preferances and Any Allergies when they fill out their rego form, but the "Ticket" itself stays the same.

To transfer your rego you need to do the following steps.

1. Find a buyer

2. Have that person pay you directly (we will not deal with money transfers for rego's, that is up to the two of you)

3. Fill out the appropriate form below.

The Selling Rego Button is for the person selling the rego, who will fill out the form as to who they are and who they sold their rego too.

The Buying Rego Button is for the person buying the rego, who will fill out who they are and who they bought their rego from. Also they will fill out their Meal Preferance and any allergies.

Once BOTH forms are filled out the rego will be transferred.

This is the only place to fill out transfers, please do no just email me or msg me on facebook, you need to fill out these forms!

If you have questions comments etc, please let me know.